Axia – A Transparent, Maritime Procurement Company

Welcome to Axia, where transparency and expertise redefine the procurement landscape. We are a trusted global partner for ship operators, providing premium maritime procurement services to OSM Thome and select strategic partners in maritime asset management. Leveraging on our combined expertise to provide sustainable and high-quality maritime procurement services worldwide.

Our approach is pragmatic, and results-driven. Through a centralized procurement strategy and meticulous contract management, we prioritize client savings while maintaining the highest product quality standards.

Geographical boundaries are no obstacle. Our extensive network, sustainability commitment, and cost-effective solutions position Axia as the go-to procurement partner for ship operators worldwide.


Our methodology seamlessly transitions from digitalization to full-scale digital transformation, underpinned by a network that thrives on transparency and innovation. Let’s delve into the details of how Axia operates:

Digitalization to Digital Transformation: A Seamless Journey

Axia embarks on a journey of comprehensive digital transformation. Our approach encompasses the integration of cutting-edge technologies that streamline operations and redefine the procurement landscape. From the moment data enters our system to the final output, every step is infused with the power of digital innovation.

API Economy: Enabling Seamless Data Sharing

The set up ensures that vital information flows effortlessly across the procurement network, facilitating collaboration and real-time decision-making.

AI Tools: Insights That Shape the Future

The integration of AI tools marks a pivotal stride in our operational methodology. These tools sift through vast amounts of data, extracting meaningful insights that pave the way for informed strategies. The result? Enhanced efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and a foresight that drives intelligent maritime  procurement decisions.

Transparency Anchored in Compliance

Transparency isn’t a buzzword at Axia; it’s a principle upheld through stringent compliance measures. Our operations adhere to industry regulations and standards, ensuring that transparency remains at the forefront. This compliance-driven approach bolsters trust, accountability, and ethical practices across the network.


Axia’s operational framework is a harmonious fusion of technological advancement and unwavering integrity. We’re not just revolutionizing maritime procurement; we’re engineering a paradigm shift that maximizes efficiency, minimizes risks, and ultimately enhances the value we deliver to our partners.

At Axia, the mechanism isn’t just functional; it’s transformative. Welcome to an ecosystem where technology, transparency, and transformation converge to redefine maritime procurement.


Purchasing power

Driving OPEX down by best maritime procurement price leveraging on aggregated volume. Consolidation of volumes across various categories of purchase for about 500 vessels helps leverage the best negotiations with suppliers worldwide.


Global Network: Worldwide Reach

Axia operates on a global scale, with teams strategically placed at key shipping centres across continents. Our expertise spans conventional vessels, specialized OSVs, and oil & gas projects, serving diverse shipping markets, including regions like the North Sea, Brazil, and Nigeria. Our extensive portfolio comprises over 350 contracts, reinforcing our commitment to delivering comprehensive marine and energy solutions globally.


Category Management: Strategic Sourcing Excellence

Axia boasts a team of world-class category managers focused on strategic sourcing to optimize cost-effectiveness and quality. With key teams strategically located in shipping centres worldwide, we provide comprehensive coverage of all shipping markets, vendors, and service providers. Over 70% of our staff is dedicated to category management, emphasizing our commitment to delivering top-notch maritime procurement solutions.

Sustainable Procurement

Axia is firmly rooted in sustainability and ESG principles. Our approach to supply chain governance and compliance includes product scrutiny, transparent guidelines, robust reporting, enduring relationships with suppliers, and stringent quality control. Every supplier is meticulously vetted, undergoing KYC, compliance, and sanctions checks to assess counterparty risk. This commitment ensures our procurement processes align with sustainability and ESG criteria, fostering a responsible and conscientious supply chain.

Sustainability Initiatives: For Responsible Maritime Procurement

Axia is dedicated to responsible maritime procurement through sustainability initiatives. We minimize single-use plastics, embrace digitalization to reduce paper consumption and align with international regulations. Our commitment extends to educating and communicating through webinars, streamlining operations with remote tendering, and consolidating supplies to reduce trips. We also build community partnerships and produce sustainability reports, ensuring transparency in our sustainable journey.

Digital Platform Solution –

Empowering Procurement Through Digital Transformation

At Axia, we are dedicated to harnessing digital platforms to bring transparency, efficiency, and data-driven insights to our clients. Our digital suite includes: 

E-auction: Facilitating competitive bidding for optimal prices, with a take-it-or-leave-it approach.

E-catalogue: Providing customized product lists tailored to each customer’s unique requirements.

Integration: Seamlessly combining data from various platforms to offer a comprehensive view.

Data/Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics: Leveraging data to extract valuable insights.

Customized Reports: Delivering tailored reports encompassing spend analysis, cost savings, port analysis, top spend categories, sustainability reports, and vendor performance.


Our digital transformation empowers us to enhance procurement efficiency and deliver innovative solutions that cater to our clients’ evolving needs.