Axia is a new marine procurement specialist company created post merger of OSM and Thome in 2023. Axia is a Cyprus-registered company and a subsidiary of OSM Thome Group.

We are committed to providing customers with a high degree of transparency in the procurement process. This is rooted in the belief that transparency leads to efficiency, which ultimately benefits our customers. Our objective is clear – to lower prices of products for our customers without compromise on quality of the products and services.

Axia does this by leveraging on aggregate procurement volume of OSM Thome’s managed fleet and 3rd party procurement customers. To create value for customers, the diverse and proficient team incorporates industry best practices and has a dedicated focus on digitalisation. Furthermore, Axia ’s managed portfolio with global trading pattern offers an added advantage of covering all key shipping markets and asset types with attractive prices.

By managing procurement for all vessels managed by OSM Thome Group and catering to existing 3rd party procurement customers, Axia will have ~500 vessels under its portfolio. This is a significant procurement volume which will bring value through economies of scale.

Our approach is designed to deliver maximum value to our customers. We provide our staff, supplier contracts, platform, and tools to you at no cost. Our operational expenses are covered by charging fee to suppliers for access to our platforms and customers.